Welcome to Elizabeth Olsen Source: your best source for all things related to Elizabeth Olsen. Elizabeth's breakthrough came in 2011 when she starred in critically-acclaimed movies Martha Marcy May Marlene and Silent House. She made her name in indie movies until her role in 2014 blockbuster Godzilla and then as Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff in Marvel's Avengersand Captain America movies. Elizabeth starred in and was an Executive Producer for Facebook Watch's "Sorry For Your Loss". She is currently starring in WandaVision, the first Marvel TV Series on Disney+. She will also be in Marvel's Dr. Strange sequel and hopefully we'll see another indie movie from her! Enjoy the many photos(including lots of exclusives!), articles, and videos on our site!
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New Look On Elizabeth Olsen Source!

Like everyone else who visits this site, I love Scarlet Witch so much I really wanted a theme for her. However, Elizabeth is more than just the Scarlet Witch so I wanted a Lizzie theme too. So Kaci helped me have both! I have a beautiful Scarlet Witch header from Insomniac Wonderland and Kaci made a theme to match that. And she created a amazing header and theme using Lizzie’s beautiful photoshoot from Backstage. It’s stunning!! I’m in love. The cool thing is, you can switch between the two themes – in the gallery or on the main page – just by clicking a button! I hope you love it as much as I do. And thanks SO much to Kaci for putting up with my million and one requests lol

March 20 2022
Happy 33rd Birthday, Elizabeth!!

2022 is going to be another great year for Elizabeth. With the release of Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness and Love and Death, we’re going to see a big range for Lizzie and her first non-Marvel project in years! I hope she has the best birthday ever, blessed with life, love, and laughter. Here are the remaining outtakes from 2017 Glamour MX for her fans to enjoy.


February 16 2022
Press/Gallery: How Elizabeth Olsen Brought Marvel From Mainstream to Prestige

“The thing I love about being an actor is to fully work with someone and try so hard to be at every level with them, chasing whatever it is you need or want from them.”


Backstage: Elizabeth Olsen grins widely over video chat when recalling many such moments on set with her co-stars. Yet, she can’t bring herself to divorce such a lofty vision of film acting from the technical multitasking it requires. The camera sees all.

“But then you move your hair, and you’re in your brain, like: OK, remember that! Because I don’t want to edit myself out of a shot. I know some actors are like, ‘Continuity, shmontinuity!’ But the good thing about continuity is, if you remember it, you’re actually providing yourself with more options for the edit.”

That need to balance being both inside the scene and outside of it, fully living it and yet constantly visualizing it on a screen, feels particularly apt in light of Olsen’s most recent project, “WandaVision.”

The Disney+ miniseries, which racked up 23 Emmy nominations—including one for Olsen in the outstanding lead actress in a limited or anthology series or movie category—is rooted in the magical possibilities of living your life as if it were being screened for someone else to watch. Playfully paying homage to TV classics like “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “Bewitched,” and “I Love Lucy,” the buzzy Marvel series set in the small town of Westview imagines what various quaint sitcoms starring Wanda Maximoff (Olsen), her beloved, Vision (Paul Bettany), and a requisite pesky next-door neighbor named Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) would look like.
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August 18 2021
New Headers And A Fashion Section

I loved the new Instyle MX shoot so much that I asked Insomniac Wonderland to make me new headers. I love them! I also added a new section called ‘Lizzie’s Closet’ that was designed by the wonderful Kacie. I’ve just begun adding Elizabeth’s fashion to it but I wanted to go ahead and open it. I hope you enjoy it!


July 04 2021
Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Today is Elizabeth’s 32nd birthday and we wish her all the health, happiness, and success that she deserves. Thank you for taking us on this epic journey with you! We’re all really proud of you and are so glad that you’re finally getting the recognition you deserve.

February 16 2021
New Themes!

We have an amazing new theme by Cherry Gem with hints of the Scarlet Witch and fabulous headers by Insomniac Wonderland! I decided to go retro and use some photoshoots from 2013/2014. Elizabeth has so many great shoots that I haven’t been able  to use so I decided to go that way. Hope you love it as much as I do.



September 21 2020
Brand New Look On Elizabeth Olsen Source

Thanks to headers by NWL9 DESIGN and theme by MONICA N’ DESIGN, we have a bold new look on Elizabeth Olsen Source! I hope you like it!



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