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Gallery: “Love & Death” Screencaps and Stills Plus New Photoshoots

Sorry I got so far behind but here’s the caps for the first 4 episodes of Love & Death, plus some photoshoots I missed when I was sick.








May 08 2023
Press: Elizabeth Olsen to Star in Missha’s Global “Beauty is Reality” Campaign Focusing on Attainable Beauty

PR News Wire SEOUL, South Korea, April 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Global beauty company Able C&C’s top-selling skincare brand Missha announced today that it has selected actress Elizabeth Olsen as its global ambassador and face of its new ‘Beauty is Reality’ campaign.

Elizabeth Olsen is a highly acclaimed actress known for her outstanding acting and appearances, playing the role of Scarlet Witch in Marvel Studios’ “Avengers” films and the TV series “WandaVision.” In Korea, she expanded her presence by starring in the American version of director Park Chan-wook’s film “Oldboy.”

Missha’s global brand campaign ‘Beauty is Reality’ captures beautiful moments in daily life and presents the idea that beauty should not be overly dramatized or based on inflated luxurious sentiments. Able C&C’s Missha chose Elizabeth Olsen as their spokesperson with the belief that her ambition and intelligence transcend her beauty and fame, aligning with the unique message the campaign aims to convey.

Elizabeth Olsen said, “When Missha approached me with an ambassador opportunity, the most important factor was the message the brand wanted to convey.” She added, “Missha’s ‘Beauty is Reality’ represents an innovative and practical message that I can support.” Olsen continued, “Attaining exceptional quality doesn’t necessarily require a hefty price tag. Missha’s aim is to create outstanding products that are accessible to everyone, and it’s an honor to communicate this value to young women like myself.” Olsen personally uses the brand’s famous ampoules to address a variety of skincare needs.

Since its launch in 2000, Missha has led a significant shift in domestic beauty market consumption trends by offering effective products at affordable prices. Through the brand’s latest initiative, Missha aims to strengthen its presence as a global brand by promoting its long-established identity in the international market and further amplifying the excellence of its five best-selling ampoules, which offer tailored solutions for various skin concerns in a new look that embraces the brand’s heritage.

Launching in the U.S. on May 15, 2023 on MisshaUS.com are: ▲Vita C Plus Spot Correcting & Firming Ampoule (Brightening) ▲Artemisia Calming Ampoule (Calming) ▲Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule 5X (Smoothing) ▲Time Revolution Primestem 100 Lifting Serum (Lifting) ▲Bee Pollen Renew Ampouler (Nourishing). Priced at $69.00 for 75 ml each.

The redesigned Missha ampoule packaging combines a minimalist, user-friendly design with triangular sculptural beauty, reflecting the brand’s dynamic identity. The color of each label represents the primary ingredient of the corresponding ampoule, adding a sensory touch.

With the launch of this campaign, Able C&C’s Missha continues to thrive as a global beauty brand, expanding its presence to 46 countries and over 37,000 retail locations worldwide. Able C&C also continues to strengthen its position as a competitive global beauty enterprise, curating a diverse brand portfolio that includes the skincare, cosmetic, Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM), and derma categories, featuring brands such as Missha, A’pieu, Chogongjin, Stila, Cellapy, and Lapothicell.

Missha is a global beauty brand renowned for its high-quality and affordable skincare and makeup products that are clinically proven and backed by science. Part of the beauty portfolio of Able C&C, a Global Top 100 Manufacturer of skincare and beauty products based in Seoul, South Korea, Missha is centered on holistic functionality, efficacy, and balance. Missha products feature patented, proprietary ingredient blends, unique probiotic fermentation methods and advanced absorption technology that deeply delivers carefully selected active ingredients into the skin. To learn more about Missha, please visit www.MisshaUS.com or follow the brand on Instagram @Missha_US and on TikTok @Missha.Official.



April 16 2023
Gallery: Additional “Bobbi Brown Cosmetics” Photos


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June 22 2020
Gallery: Multiple Updates




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October 28 2019
Gallery: Misc. Additions

I am finishing getting caught up on the beginning of 2019 and here are assorted updates.




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August 01 2019
Gallery: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics


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July 10 2019
Press: H&M Spring Collection – Take the lead with Winona Ryder and Elizabeth Olsen

The iconic actresses celebrate female empowerment and friendship with an epic dance off.



H&M – It’s finally here! Shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina, H&M’s Spring fashion campaign film sees actress Elizabeth Olsen dance out from a local café and into the streets. There, she’s joined by a cast of strong women – including top models Imaan Hammam, Andreea Diaconu and Anna Ewers – all wearing flowing dresses, wide-leg trousers, embroidered jeans and sophisticated blouses while dancing through the city.


“It was such a thrill to be in Buenos Aires for the H&M Spring campaign, and more importantly, to be surrounded by such a wonderful cast of strong women. The entire experience was incredibly inspiring,” says Elizabeth Olsen.


After dancing through Buenos Aires, Elizabeth Olsen inevitably finds her way back to the café, where she’s joined by one of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses.


“I loved the way that the campaign really celebrated women in a very authentic way. I found that to be really refreshing and much needed right now in this culture. They are celebrating themselves and each other,” says Winona Ryder.




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March 23 2018